About Us


Soul Of The Rose®, we believe in all things cool that define you, a joyful and chromatic self-expression is beauty and fashion at its best.

Each one of us owns a personal style that is uniquely rich in love, life & spirit. 

As a specialty women’s accessory brand that is the destination for chromatically unique fashion accessories that feature our latest designs and trends that are inspired by you.

Life, love and you inspire the creative passion in us!

Soul Of The Rose® Boutique and online store www.souloftherose.com offer a curated collection of products from apparel, accessories, jewelry, home, gifts and eclectic vintage finds.

All of us at Soul Of The Rose® invite you to join us in creating happiness through love, kindness & imagination.






  Soul Of The Rose® ,  LOGO and Live to Love, Love to Live, Life Rocks ® are FEDERAL REGISTERED TRADEMARKS Owned By Haute Culture Brands Inc.